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English - teaching, translation, interpretation and editing



We offer English language lessons to a wide spectrum of clients from beginners to advanced, focusing on individual one-to-one lessons or small groups of a maximum of four participants.

We do teach children starting at the age of 10.


As we have been actively involved in teaching for many years, we have managed to build up an extensive library of material of highly varied character which we constantly enlarge. Examples would be renowed textbooks by established publishers, magazines whether popular or specialized, articles and studies downloaded from the internet...

The course for each student is individually prepared after a consultation, using whichever material is found to be the most suitable for his/her particular needs.

A well-stocked library provides for additional help as well as challenge.


In essence, the client expresses his/her needs/wishes and we do our best to help fulfill the set goals.

More specifically, we hold courses to prepare clients for various examinations, such as ILEC, TOEFL, FCE, CAE, school-leaving exam (maturita), or we simply help with daily school chores regarding English. The lessons focus mainly on daily spoken English or specialized English, such as legal, business, manufacturing... It is up to the client what he/she wishes to improve in. Conversation, writing, grammar?

Should the client be interested, we can provide complete study material (textbooks, CDs...)


The courses are usually held throughout the year, twice a week. Should there be interest, we organize week-long courses in Tatranska Lomnica or in a location of the client's choosing.

At your company or ours, at Jana Smreka 10, Bratislava. In case of younger children, we are open to agreement of our lecturer coming to your home. Everything can be agreed upon.

Send us an email and we shall set up an initial meeting where we can discuss your needs and our possibilities. This initial meeting is completely free of charge, naturally. However, it is held in English as this is the language of choice improvement.


At companies we normally hold 90-minute sessions which cost 30,40 €, the price being final. Naturally, it is possible to agree on different duration, as suits you.

We are able to offer discounts to long-term clients.

Translations, interpretations and editing

We have been doing translations for several years which means we have acquired experience from various fields, such as construction, production, environment, security of property and persons, contracts, annual reports, newspaper articles, CVs...

We do our best to accommodate our clients' needs regarding time, while not charging any "speed charges". As we have rejected all unnecessary bureaucracy, we have proved to be much more flexible.

In case you already have a translated text but are not sure of its accuracy, we are happy to make necessary corrections and edit it. Several of our clients ask us to check their written correspondence they especially care to have faultless.

Interpretation is provided both consecutive and simmultaneous for almost any occassion.


Prices are set by number of standard pages. One standard page contains 1800 characters. The price for one standard page is 13,70 €, the price being final.

We are able to offer discount in cases of large order and/or long-term cooperation.

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